Fun Water and Woods Activities for Fishing and Hunting Enthusiasts

Give your loved ones a once-in-a-lifetime experience with our amazing water and private ranch hunting activities at Fantasy Ocean Adventures & FOA Outdoors. We offer bay or offshore fishing, reef snorkeling, and cruise tours. We also provide whitetail deer and hog hunts on private ranches in panhandle FL. You can also take advantage of our custom adventure package where you can design your own itinerary for the day. Bring items including: snacks, jackets, towels, sunblock, sunglasses, good attitude.

Offshore Fishing

Enjoy your first fish catch around the Gulf of Mexico! In the Gulf we can catch Triggerfish, Snapper, Grouper, King mackerel, Spanish mackerel, Blue fish, Tuna, Bonita, Wahoo, Shark, Sailfish, Cobia, Tarpon, Remora, and lots of other really interesting gulf fish. This adventure package is best for those who want to experience reef, pelagic, and wreck fishing. During the trip, not only will you enjoy a one-of-a-kind fish trolling activity; you can also learn more about deep-sea fishes and their habitat. For your convenience, lunch and drinks are already included in this package. We will also be providing all fishing equipment you might need, including:

Poles • Gear • Tackle • Bait • Life Jackets • Fishing Licenses For Everyone Onboard

Choctawhatchee Bay Fishing

Satisfy your desire to go on a fishing trip even when the seas are rough. We can take you to the Choctawhatchee Bay for an even more exciting water adventure in Destin, Florida. There you can catch healthy red fish, speckled trout, flounders, and crab. You can also find sharks and sting rays around the area. While you're on the trip, we will be providing a delightful lunch, sandwich, as well as a beverage of your choice.

Dolphin Cruises

Watch lovely dolphins while taking a relaxing drink on a boat. During the trip, you'll get to meet multiple pods of local porpoises. Have you ever wanted to swim with dolphins? We can take you up to five feet away from them for a closer encounter. We almost always see numerous dolphins on our trips, and you will too.


Jump right into the beautiful sea and start exploring underwater! Add snorkeling to your list of activities and get amazed with the astounding fish, coral reefs, and shells beneath the sea.